The Voyage: Roz Savage
Catamaran Catastrophe
29 Nov 2006, Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

The two happiest days of a boat owner's life are the day they buy it and the day they sell it, as the saying goes. Or a boat is a hole in the water that you throw money into. Boats (other than my very low-tech version) certainly seem to be high-maintenance creatures.

Jangada was hit by lightning during the summer, and on investigation we have found that all her electronics are fried. Casualties identified so far include radar, GPS, autopilot, radio (VHF and SSB), depth sounder and refrigerator. Replacements will be hard to find in Mexico, and/or ridiculously overpriced. At the moment we are still assessing the damage, and will then try to figure out what is essential and what we can manage without.

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Off to Mexico
28 Nov 2006, Hood River, Oregon

Today I am flying to Puerto Vallarta to spend most of December in 'Pacific Preparation Training', i.e. sailing Eric's catamaran down the west coast of Mexico. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it....

Jangada looks just a tad more comfortable than my boat. You can find out more about the boat and her previous adventures here, and of course I'll be blogging about her new adventures.

I'm not sure how often I'll have internet access, so blogs may be even more irregular than usual, but I hope to post updates most days.

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My Favourite Books
27 Nov 2006, Hood River, Oregon

I have added some new links to the right hand side of my website - to my favourite books. It was a surprisingly easy shortlist to produce. These are not necessarily the books I've most enjoyed, as parts of them make for uncomfortably thought-provoking reading, but they are certainly the books that have had the most formative influence on my personal philosophy.

For lighter relief, I also read a lot of biographies and autobiographies, especially about inspiring people doing adventurous things.

There used to be a time when I read a lot of fiction, back in my office-worker days when I liked to escape into a good novel. Now I'm much more fascinated by real lives than fictional ones, more interested in concepts and ideas than in being entertained.

I'm also making progress with my own book, about what I learned on the Atlantic. It's going to be a personal development kind of book, based on my ocean experiences and what I learned from them. It's not easy, shoehorning quality writing time into my life at the moment, but I enjoy writing, and it's proving to be an emotional experience reliving the days of the Atlantic Rowing Race, especially poignant as we approach the anniversary of the race start date (30th November).

[Image: provisional front cover for the book. Title to be announced in due course.]

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Sedna Still Holidaying in Caribbean
27 Nov 2006, Hood River, Oregon

Sedna was due to arrive in Miami over the weekend. But somehow, yet again, she has missed the boat. I'm starting to suspect her of malingering...

I rang the shipping company, more in hope than expectation that she might have arrived. But no. She was last sighted in Port of Spain after being discharged from the Grenadine. She was supposed to be picked up by the CGM Barbados and shipped to Miami.

But the CGM Barbados has arrived in Miami without her. So I hope that she might be on the next boat into Miami, due to arrive next Thursday.

It is just as well that the US road trip STARBOARD was abandoned. We had expected to rendezvous with Sedna in Miami around 8th November and head westwards via a number of media events. If we had gone ahead with that plan, we would by now have been kicking our heels in Miami for 3 weeks and our plans would be in total disarray. We would also be running into snow and bad weather as we crossed the States - not ideal when you're towing a 24 foot boat.

So maybe things really do happen for a reason.

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