The Voyage: Roz Savage
Music to Row Oceans By
05 Sep 2006, San Francisco, California

I've just published my first ever iMix to the iTunes Store. Music is pretty important when you're spending hours and days on a rowing machine preparing to row an ocean, so I became quite a connoisseur. This playlist is my selection for high-energy workouts rather than the slow-and-steadies.

Sadly, my amplifiier packed up just after New Year, about 5 weeks into my 103-day crossing, so after that I had only my own thoughts to keep me occupied. I'd never have thought I could row an ocean without music, but it's amazing what you can put up with when you have no choice, and eventually I even grew to relish the peace and quiet.

For the Pacific, AudioBooksForFree have given me 600 audio books to listen to, plus I've bought a CD of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - no let-up in the quest for self-improvement!

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A Lotta Ocean
01 Sep 2006, Maui, Hawai'i

'Just a lotta ocean', said the burly young guy next to me on the flight from Oakland to Hawai'i. I'd just opened the shutter on the plane window. We both looked down at the huge expanse of blue water stretching away to infinity.

'Yup, a lotta ocean,' I said pensively.

This time next year I will be down there, recently embarked from San Francisco, paddling slowly across that same expanse of ocean. Even from up here and travelling at 500 miles an hour, it looked vast. 2600 miles from San Francisco to Hawai'i. Today it took me 5 hours to cross it. The next time it will take a lot longer.

It's a lotta, lotta ocean.

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Marathon Update
31 Aug 2006, San Francisco, California

Getting fit after a long rest is tough - two weeks of BootCamp, plus a couple of runs with the Palo Alto Run Club have proved to be a strain on the old bones. I'm getting a bit fitter, any maybe even shedding a pound or two, but it's still hard work.

Rachel - when I was on the Atlantic, you texted me to say 'After this nothing will ever seem hard again'. You were wrong!

But with every day that passes I seem to be more irrevocably committed to running in New Jersey with Dean Karnazes on 4th November. This morning: an email from The North Face's publicity agent:

'I have seen your web site and story and it's amazing, it will be great to have you in New Jersey and I look forward to meeting you!!!!

No worries on being 'judged' by your run in New Jersey, most media are just interested in how people inspire and excite one another....and what people's stories are. ;0) It looks like CNN and will be interviewing Dean during the NJ run and I've let them know you will be there.'

Oh marvellous, now I get to humiliate myself on TV. I've already warned them I'll be the beetroot-faced one puffing along in the background.

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