SailBlogs Advertising Information

With literally thousands of members creating original content, SailBlogs can provide your organization with a highly targeted and loyal user and visitor base. If your company provides goods or services to sailors, boaters, or general outdoor enthusiests you'll likely find a welcome market in SailBlogs. At a time when your advertising needs to be as effective as possible, its critical that you hit your target market directly and without dilution. SailBlogs can deliver a solid group of Sailing consumers - the vast majority of our members are actively sailing and cruising.

SailBlogs can tailor advertising packages to your needs and goals, giving you a high degree of control on the delivery of your ads, the number, and frequency of the total compaign or individual creatives.

We currently provide packages starting at only 25,000 impressions per month, and up from there. We ask for an initial committment of 3 months, with month-to-month renewals after that. No matter the size of your business or ad budget, there is a place for you in SailBlogs.

Contact us for detailed information about stats, current inventory, placements and ad sizes that are available in the SailBlogs system. Please be sure to include your company name, email and phone so that we can quicky respond to your request.