SailBlogs Advanced Features

Once established in SailBlogs, moving to the next level in your on-line communications is a simple and painless process. If you are looking for storage of on-line photos, more control over the look of your site, update your journal via email with a sat phone or SSB, or track your boat on a dynamic map, all of these options and more are available by upgrading your blog to a premium membership.

SailBlogs Premium Basic

$2.92 / month ($35 / year):

SailBlogs premium memberships unlock a wide range of features that allow you to make your blog personal, unique, and have greater flexibility. All premium memberships include:

"The ability to update via email is very key. While coming down the coast we were able to make "live" offshore updates that were much anticipated. We're in SoCal right now where internet is everywhere however I find that I still update via email." - Mark Roozendall, SV Salacia

When you post a journal entry - either through the web administration or via email with Remote - you'll have the option of including a corresponding lat/long pair. When a lat/long is added to a post, your map will automatically update to show the most current position. In addition, your map will also show a history of position points that are "hot clickable" allowing your visitors to click on the map and view the corresponding journal entry.

Position points can be added at any time with any date through the web administration, allowing you to add historical points and fill in older parts of the journal. Maps can be customized to show the name of your boat or title of your blog.

Personal Google Earth
In addition to having a map right in your blog, SailBlogs supports Google Earth, allowing you to provide a "feed" of your blog to GE users. This enables visitors to follow your progress, see your journal entries and photos, and combine with other information all right in Google Earth. There is no special configuration for you, the GE feed gets its information directly from the XPlot engine. You simply enable the feed, and SailBlogs does the rest.

XPlot map tracking and Google Earth support by SailBlogs together add a whole new dimension to your journal and greatly enhances your journal's value to friends and family.

"SailBlogs is a great site and we're all thrilled to see where they are on the map!" - Emily Winter, daughter of Jo and Giles Winter, S/V Brother Wind

SailBlogs Premium Advanced

$7.92 / month ($95 / year):

Advanced provides all the components of Premium and adds the following additional features:

SailBlogs Pro

$17.95 / month:

For advanced & professional users, SailBlogs Pro adds additional posting, mapping and data storage features:

Contact your XGate or OCENS.Mail dealer for information on SailBlogs Pro.

Setting up a Premium Account

If you are interested in setting up a premium account, first register for a SailBlogs account and then follow the upgrade information after logging in.

Contact us for more information about advanced SailBlog features.